Music Producer

Are you interested in recording your song and hearing it on National Radio?

Music Producer Greg Malocca based at Egoboo is here to help. He's been making a name for himself as a producer here in Ireland and the UK. His co-writing and production works have been playlisted on the likes of BBC Radio 2, RTE Radio and Today FM. He's also achieved No.1 Positions on iTunes Charts. He understands what makes a hit song and can create tracks that jump out on radio.

Call Greg today at 01 678 7824 or email to discuss prices and the packages available.

He wants to hear your song and help make it a hit!


Watch the World go by - by Greg Malocca and Eve Belle



Revolution EP (No. 1 iTunes Position) by Greg Malocca and Nella

I Can't Love You Again (BBC Radio 2 Playlisted for 6 weeks) by Greg Malocca and Miles Graham

She Knows by Greg Malocca and Miles Graham

Paralysed By Greg Malocca and Shane Power Feat. Kasey Smith


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