May 8th, 2015

Music Producer Greg Malocca EP Release goes straight to iTunes No. 1



Nella’s four track “Revolution” EP hits the No. 1 Spot

on iTunes.

Greg Malocca of Egoboo recording studio in Dublin has been co-writing and producing singer songwriter Nella. The album was released on Egoboo’s Oki Doki Records in April and has since been given some nice reviews for example, Pure M Zine awarded Nella “Artist of the Month” and writer Dave Simpson crowned the EP with four stars and writing comments like “The soft, heartfelt execution of each offering results in a harmless and inoffensive sound that should allow its artist to win over a wide audience.”

Greg captured a sound that compliments Nella’s lush tones which have been compared with artists like Ellie Goulding and Sinead O’Connor by using instruments like cello and violin but also including more contemporary vibes using synths and big drums. The Revolution EP is available on iTunes for purchase here

Since the release Nella has been guests on FM104, Corks Red FM, Spin FM Plan B show and East Coast FM promoting the EP.

You can listen to the EP here on soundcloud

NELLA iTunes Charts at no1

Nella Revolution No.1 iTunes



November 26th, 2014

Jingle composer – adverts that stand out from the others.

Jingle composer at Egoboo Recording Studio

At Egoboo recording studios in Dublin, producer and composer Greg Malocca has been writing jingles for radio and tv advertising since 2005. Jingles are a great way to make an advert stand out. Identifying a specific genre or sound which suits the brand is key. For example, a recent jingle composition for the Quote Devil has been gaining more and more It first started as an advert on a few local radio stations. It then moved to sponsoring the weather on Radio Nova and in November, 2014 it began its first TV appearances by sponsoring the weather on TV3 as well as 30 second TV ads.


With the Quote Devil brand, the Company had developed a cool dude character, dressed a bit like Elvis and who could take on many roles e.g. firefighter or ambulance driver. A  hero type of guy! So this led to an idea of having the girls a bit crazy for this hero character. This reminded me of the Andrews Sisters wartime boogie woogie style singing e.g. below…

The Andrews sisters were a huge hit in the 40’s and were famous for using three part vocal harmonies which later adopted the name “boogie woogie” style. This style has been used by many artists over the decades and even as recently as 2006 when Christina Aguilera released “Candyman”. Aguillera was nominated to win a Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance. American music producer Linda Perry co-wrote the song and had a huge influence on the jazz style of the track.


Jingle recording

Recording the Quote Devil Jingle was fairly straight foward once the direction was decided. I decided to hire a very dynamic singer who I had written songs before with, Grainne McCarthy. She has a great vocal range and can adapt to many styles including jazz. The vocals were recorded with a tube microphone and an SSL mic pre amp with VHD gain which ads a slight bit of distortion to give a slight older feel. I also used many instances of the WAVES and ABBEY ROAD REDD. 17 plugins. This is a great audio tool for getting a vintage sound especially on brass. See image below…

REDD Plugin jingle composition egoboo

The  three part layered vocal harmonies were all put through instances of WAVES CLA Vocals plugin. This is a great go-to plugin for achieving a great vocal sound. Using the “stereo” fader can widen the stereo image and really make the vocals jump out in the mix.

CLA quote devil jingle vocals

Lastly, I used the vintage drums plugin which comes with Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate Pack. This has amazing sounding drums straight out of the 40’s era. They just worked a treat and the groove was spot on for the boogie woogie genre.

Jingles are effective – why not try one?

At Egoboo, we can compose any style of jingle for your business. We can work directly with the client to identify a style of music that will work with their business and advertising campaign. Identifying the target market and a style of music that will appeal to that group, is key to the success of our jingles. Our jingles simpy work and our clients tend to use them for many years, e.g. Easons jingle, 11890 Jingle and many more.

If you are interested in creating a jingle for your business, please get in touch with us here



November 3rd, 2014

Role of a music producer – getting the best performance

Role of a Music Producer  – working with singers (by Greg Malocca).

I’ve added this funny video below that highlights the techniques that a music producer will use use when directing musicians, in order to get a great performance in the recording studio. In this instance, the music producer mimics the sound of the drums, as if he was a drum machine! If you are not used to being in a recording studio, this can sound quite bizarre!


Directing Vocalists – key role of a music producer

As a music producer, giving a singer direction can be even more humorous, especially when the producer cannot sing very well! My role as a music producer is to get the best performance out of the singer. I hear all sorts of melodies and ideas coming into my head. Sometimes I will try to get the singer to try these melody changes in order to improve the song. Normally I will try to sing the idea to the singer. Most of the time this does work, however, sometimes the melody might be too high for my vocal range and in that scenario I will turn to a musical instrument like the guitar or piano to play the notes instead. Surprisingly, many singers find this difficult to adapt to a new melody, not because they don’t like the idea, but more so because the original melody is stuck in their heads and they find it difficult to learn the latter, as they keep going back to the old melody. I’ve found that singers who can adapt quickly to these changes are the ones who have a great ear for music and tend to have “pitch perfect” talent. However, not necessarily the most creative singers. But it is interesting to see how different vocalists work.

Comping Vocals

Another way a music producer will get the best performance out of a singer is by concentrating on different parts of the song. This would not be the way I work with all songs, but with modern pop tracks I will get the singer to sing the whole song a few times to get them “in the zone” so to speak. This will also allow the singer’s voice to warm-up. Once the singer is comfortable in the booth and with the parts, I will get the vocalist to start with e.g. Verse 1. I will then concentrate on getting enough takes and move on when I feel I have each line covered. In Logic 9, there is a very useful feature for comping vocals. You can select different parts of each take and create one super take – this is what “comping vocals” is all about. See pic below…

music producer

Role as a music producer recording and comping singers

I’d then move on to other sections of the songs and repeat this technique. Once the main sections are recorded and comped, then I would start to record the harmonies, using the singed off main performances as guides to record with.


Producing Singer Songwriters and bands

As a music producer in Dublin, I am always looking for new upcoming artists and bands in Ireland to work with. I tend to work best co-writing with the artist. If you are interested in working with me please get in contact here

At Egoboo Recording Studio we have packages to suit all budgets, big and small, so come in for a chat :)

Check out some of my recent music productions here and for more information and blogging news, please like my Egoboo Recording Studios Facebook Page


October 30th, 2014

Audiobook recording

At Egoboo we’ve been doing some audiobook recording with voice over artist Laura Wood. Laura is a great reader, especially for bringing childrens books to life. There’s plenty more audio book previews to come – watch this space

Here is an extract from “The Powers” by Kevin Stevens published by Little Island.


October 29th, 2014

Music Producer in Dublin, Greg Malocca, co-writing and producing rap artist Chims.

Music Producer

Song writer and producer Greg Malocca and owner of Egoboo recording studios has been busy producing and writing with some new local acts. One by the name of Chims, a rapper who is studying English and business at University in Dublin. One of the tracks “Come As You Are” featuring Tamara has a great big choir style chorus. The track has African jazz flavours with a upbeat hiphop groove. The track was released on Egoboo’s OKI DOKI RECORDS and is available for purchase here on iTunes and Spotify

Music Video

Chims visited Egoboo recording studios this week to record some footage for the music video for “come as you are”. The video will feature some actors portraying the story of the song and Greg will be included in some scenes showing how a music producer works in the studio, directing performances :)

Greg is always looking for new artists to write with and produce – just send in your demos. Contact us here

chims video recording with music producer Greg Malocca

chims recording his music video in egoboo

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October 30th, 2013

Rock ‘n Roll Kid Paul Harrington Visits Egoboo Recording Studio

I had the pleasure of recording voiceover with Paul Harrington today in Egoboo recording studio. Paul and Charlie McGettigan were the winners of the Eurovision in 1994. As I do a lot of song writing myself, we had a chat about song writing, music production and he gave me a few tips on entering the competition. So bring on Eurovision 2014!  Thanks Paul for the encouragement!

2013-10-17 16.15.59

October 25th, 2013

Christmas Spirit at Egoboo Recording Studio! Voiceover Recording

Here’s the very talented voice over actor Gerry O’Brien doing a 30 second radio advert for Glenart Events. The real Santa would be jealous!


September 7th, 2012

Greg Malocca of Egoboo Recording Studio becomes Runner-Up On ‘The Hit’ TV SHOW

A good week this week. Graham Miley and I wrote a great song together called “London Town”. Graham had entered it into a songwriting contest called ‘the Hit’. From the hundreds of entries, Music Producer guru Steve Lillywhite shortlisted our song in to the final 8. On the TV show Royseven’s frontman Paul ‘locked in’ our song London Town. In the final stage of the show we were down to the last two songs. Unfortunately our song London Town did not get picked. However we did so well to get to that stage. The winning song “Sidelines”  was written by Ed Kelly and Stephen Walker. It’s a great song and currently at number 1 in the iTunes chart.

Here is our entry “London Town” which was recorded,mixed, produced and mastered at Egoboo recording studios.


Here is an IFTN article on Egoboo’s songwriter Greg Malocca

July 31st, 2012

Radio Jingle Production – “Tilestyle You’re Home”


Here is our latest radio ad jingle production for Tilestyle. It features a great singer Graham Miley from Dublin.

We think its got a great homely feel to it. What do you think?
Egoboo specialises in music production for tv and radio commercials. We also can produce radio jingles like the example above.

July 31st, 2012

Audiobook Recording and Production at Egoboo.

Here at Egoboo we’ve been busy preparing ourselves for the recording of audio books. With companies like Audible tapping into the market, audiobooks are becoming more popular. As people are spending more times in their cars and commuting to and fro’ work, they find themselves listening to books rather than the traditional reading. Its not the greatest idea to read a book whilst driving! With smart-phones being able to play audiobooks, most people are in a position to listen to an audio book.

Publishers are exploring new ways of selling their publications. One way of doing such is in audiobook format. They generally come in downloadable MP3 or CD format. Book shops generally sell them in CD format whereas the MP3 from web based companies like (an amazon company).

At Egoboo recording studios we are offering complete audiobook production packages. Our expertise and experience in recording and producing voiceovers will ensure its customers a product of high quality. Using professional recording equipment like SSL pre-amps and Neumann condensor and tube microphones, quality audiobooks recording are delivered.

Please contact us for more details.